Monday, January 24, 2011

New years and old cameras

It's shameful how long it's been.
I won't bore you with the details and excuses of "there's been a lot going on in my life blah blah blah." Suffice it to say, grad school applications are in, job changes are in the works, and pretty much everything is up in the air. I'm hoping to take this time to "reorganize" my house, garden, life etc; but we all know how that goes, especially at this time of year.

Shortly before Christmas I randomly purchased a Minolta film SLR camera, and a couple lenses, on a whim. It's been fun to play with. I'm waiting on another roll to be developed, but I did get a couple decent (or at least interesting) shots from the first roll.

Here are some photos of tasty food we've cooked lately. The Star Wars cookie cutters were a gift I got my boyfriend for Christmas. We had lots of fun cutting, decorating, and eating the cookies! 

Star Wars cookies!

Preparing dough for the Star Wars cookies

Blackened salmon, collard greens, and salt-cooked potatoes

Fried tilapia with corn salsa and spinach & avocado salad

Red quinoa, Quorn 'chicken,' mixed greens

Eventually I hope to start using this blog for actual writing-- imagine that!

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